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Renewable Energy and Low Energy Buildings


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If you’re looking for a renewable energy solution, Solar PV, Solar Li-ion Battery storage, Heat pumps, Biomass boilers or advice on low energy buildings, then you are in the right place. Everything you need to know about integrating Renewable Energy systems, tariff rates and building advice can be found within our website. If at any point you would like to speak to one of our staff, please use the contact form or alternatively call in at our offices or give us a ring.

Solar PV

Domestic or Commercial we have extensive experience of all roof, building and ground mounted quality systems.

Battery Energy Storage

Make use of our 4 years of experience of On & Off-grid Li-ion Domestic and small commercial battery systems using the world’s best equipment.


Make good use of our 10 years of designing and installing Renewable heating systems including Heat Pumps and Biomass boilers.

Self Builders

Take full advantage of our wealth of self-build experience and free advice on: building specification, Renewable integration, Low energy design, Passive and furthermore, cost effective tried and tested systems!

New Off-Grid Systems

Off-Grid Systems

Being Off-Grid is not a simple decision unless you just have no other choice. Many of our customers start by thinking it is the right thing to do but then eventually realise that paying the expensive electrical connection fee is the better option.

If you have to be Off-Grid due to a very remote location or the Power Company wants a small fortune to connect you to the local grid then there is a series of things to consider to help you decide.

Latest Off-Grid Case Study

This was an unusual case where an existing undersized, failing 8 year old Off-Grid system with 18kwh Lead acid batteries, existing 6kw Proven wind turbine, 4kw PV tracker and16kw generator. All needed rethinking and upgrading. With an average daily 20kwh load and failing lead acid batteries the diesel generator was costing a small fortune to run.

Paris climate targets require ‘a revolution’ in energy productivity and decarbonisation

A “revolution” in the pace of energy productivity and decarbonisation across buildings, transport and industry will be needed as part of a strategy to halve global emissions by 2040 in line with the Paris climate change agreement. This is according to the Energy...

Battery storage draws one complaint a week says consumer protection scheme

A consumer protection scheme for domestic renewables has revealed that it received at least one complaint a week during 2016 related to battery storage, half of which concerned mis-selling practices. Renewable Energy Consumer Code (RECC), which this week extended its...

Solar World PV panels – 2017

Solar World, who manufactures almost all of the panels we have installed over the last 8 years, has introduced new panel types and an amazing 20 year product warrantee! They confidence is based on their 40 years’ panel production experience and measured results and...

Solar and Grid Power battery storage

New Powerwall 2  - 13.2kwh Powerwall 1 -  6.5kwh installed out side Tesla has moved the goal posts with their latest Powerwall 2 13.2kwh Li-ion battery pack with built in inverter. It can be fitted to homes/small businesses with existing solar panels or with new solar...

Renewable Heat Incentive 2021

As promised the Government has started the process in Parliament of confirming funding for the Domestic RHI subsidies budget for new Renewable Heat installations until 2021 along with some great improvements but also some new restrictions. These changes will be...

Government sets future domestic feed-in tariff rate at 4.39p per kWh

Domestic solar installations up to 10kW in size will receive a feed-in tariff rate of 4.39p/kWh when the new rates come into force after the Department of Energy and Climate Change published the eagerly anticipated results of its consultation. The new rates are as...

Expert says storage could help with National Grid capacity margin as DECC creates dedicated team

Energy storage could have saved Britain from some of the economic and environmental impact of National Grid’s shortfall in energy capacity during Wednesday’s evening peak, according to one industry expert. Owing to factors including the unexpected shutdown of power...

Study reveals UK consumers to miss out on cheaper electricity following renewables cuts

New research conducted by Imperial College London (ICL) has revealed that consumers in the UK will miss out on cheaper electricity because of government cuts to clean energy subsidies. The study, published in the Nature Materials journal, shows that as solar and wind...

Fergus Ewing slams ‘complacent’ UK government energy policy after near-blackout

Scotland’s energy minister Fergus Ewing has accused the UK government of complacency a week after National Grid was forced to issue an urgent request for more electricity. Last Wednesday a spike in energy usage resulted in a shortfall and National Grid issued an...

UK can cut bills with decentralised solar-plus-storage strategy, new report claims

The UK government could deliver cheaper electricity bills to households and businesses by pursuing a decentralised energy strategy with solar and storage at its centre, a new report has claimed. ‘The Decentralised Energy Transition’ report has been co-authored by...