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About Us

We know our most important asset is our staff and the knowledge they have. We are experienced, well trained, professional and totally committed to renewable energy. Our history demonstrates our belief in a sustainable future. Our aim is to provide the best possible Renewable Energy solutions and understand that our staff need to live, breathe and sleep the technologies and market in which we operate.

Whether you’re speaking to our sales, office, installation or management team, we all aim to provide an effective and honest service. We are not a very big company like some of our competitors, but we’re big enough to handle any job size, yet small enough to make sure we have a good hands on approach with our customers.

Carbon Legacy is one of the best placed companies to deliver a renewable solution for your situation because of our transparency, honesty and knowledge of the renewable industry. Rest assured, you wont be let down by any of our staff or business practices, and if for whatever reason a glitch occurred during an installation; we will be right there to put it right.

2000 - Raleigh Square Nottingham

Raleigh-Square20000 ft2 new office building and 60 apartments. Offices heated and cooled by the UK’s first Ground Sourced 150kW Heat Pump and integrated thermal store with whole building ventilation with heat recovery.

2001 - Uk's First Domestic Ground Source Heatpump

Building on the knowledge from Raleigh Square and in partnership with Powergen, Earth Energy and Calorex, the world’s first domestic hot water and space heating domestic ground source heat pump was developed and installed in over 160 new low energy homes. 34 of these were put on long term test and they continue to demonstrate an average annual COP (Co-efficient of Performance) of 3.4 and outstanding reliability.

2005 - Leicester Square

Leicester-Square287 apartments whith super insulation and high air tightness combined with exhaust air heat pumps. This delivered 50% energy savings to the residents compared to other local recently built apartments.

2008 – Upton, Northampton

Upton-SquareUK’s first ‘Code 6’ zero carbon homes that generated as much power as they consumed in a year from PV panels, solar hot water panels and a communal biomass boiler and passive stack ventilation.

2008 - East Leake, Nottinghamshire

Greenstone-FarmUK’s first zero carbon barn conversions with super insulation (high air tightness), whole house ventilation with heat recovery (WHVHR), solar hot water panels, 10kW solar PV system including a 5kW Nedap Powerrouter with Lead Acid battery storage and a ground sourced heat pump. In 2010 a further 5kW Nedap Powerrouter Unifit with 12.8kwh LG Li-ion batteries and an electric car charging point, with a further 20kW ground mounted Solar PV extension in 2014.

2011 - Refurbished offices for Carbon Legacy

With new insulation, biomass boiler and a wall/carport mounted 4kW solar PV system. Also an electric car charging point added in June 2012 along with our first electric company car, the Chevrolet Volt.

February 2017 - Carbon Legacy builds new office to Passive standard

To ensure our ongoing competiveness and reduce our overheads we have moved to our purpose built new offices at Greenstone in East Leake LE12 6PW.

It is built to near Passive standards and build features include:

  • Super insulation with external wall insulated render, Isoquick insulated raft foundation, Kingspan insulated roof panels, Velfac triple glazed windows
  • Itho whole house ventilation with heat recovery
  • Now connected to a new Nibe ground sourced heat pump heating the office and house
  • Roof mounted solar panels
  • Heat loss of 900w!
  • Built on budget too!

Along with our house next door we now have working examples of all the technologies and build techniques you may use when building or renovating your own home or other buildings. Feel free to drop in anytime.

Meet the Team

David Hill

David Hill

Managing Director

David has over 25 years experience in both the public and private sectors and has developed over 5000 homes, of which the most recent 1,100 were low-energy with 40-100% carbon reductions compared to the 2002 Building Regulation standards. He formed Carbon Legacy in response to the changing market and to spread the use of his team’s unique knowledge in delivering zero-carbon housing. David was the developer, client and latterly consultant for the first zero-carbon Code 6 homes at Upton, Northamptonshire and has recently completed the first zero-carbon refurbishments at East Leake in Nottinghamshire. He has also been a part of the project to install the UK’s first commercial buildings with ground sourced heat pumps to provide heating and cooling at Raleigh Square, Nottingham.

Peter Force

Peter Force

Technical Director

Pete has over 20 years experience in commercial and residential schemes. He is the manager of all electrical installations and a fully trained installer of Heat Pumps and Solar PV systems. He also has experience installing small wind turbines, WHVHR (Whole House Ventilation with Heat Recovery) and solar thermal, battery storage systems and energy efficiency controls. Peter is also the “go to man” when it comes to scheduling annual maintenance on all systems.

Shirley Mills

Shirley Mills

Business Manager

Shirley isn’t just a key pillar in the company support structure, she is also our mother hen. She not only tends to the every need of our customers, but to our staff as well. Shirley is always rushing about to make sure everyone is on track and happy. There is never too big a task for her, and she always does it with a smile on her face. Shirley goes that extra mile every day to ensure the business runs smoothly, from event arranging to installer handover packs and always makes sure our customers are kept well informed about what is happening on a daily basis.