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Solar Battery Storage

With over 1,000,000 domestic and commercial solar installations in the UK and soaring electricity costs, interest in maximizing self-use of our own free solar electricity is growing rapidly. Battery technologies are also growing at an exponential rate originally driven by Germany with over 400,000 domestic systems and large scale 2-200 Mwh commercial systems across the World. Energy companies have accepted that Grid energy management needs storage when we have intermittent solar and wind power now providing over 40% of UK electricity generation.

We also see our cars and homes turning to electricity with 450,000 electric vehicles in the UK already (2021) as well as our homes being pushed to become electrically heated with the use of Heat Pumps. This logical progression is even now part of the Government’s new Energy Strategy to wean us off Fossil fuels.

This approach has been the bedrock of Carbon Legacy’s objectives for the last 12 years. We have many examples of all electric Super Low Energy homes with measured results of 60-70% self-powered from home solar generation and battery storage. Key to this has been the introduction of the Tesla Powerwall 2 home battery with its world leading reliability and software control. With hundreds of thousands already installed across the World the Powerwall’s ability to be remotely managed by power companies such as Octopus Energy to “Grid Trade” solar power into the wholesale energy market. This turns the PV/home battery system into a mini power station that is both a financially attractive investment and provide protection against rising energy costs. This arrangement is called the Tesla Energy plan or TEP for short.

Tesla Powerwall 2 - Carbon Legacy
Photograph by Carbon Legacy

We have revised our range to fit with both existing and new solar PV systems matched to the latest battery management and charger equipment from Tesla, Sonnen of Germany and Qcells. Follow the links on this page to read more about Hybrid PV inverters, bolt on Battery management/charger systems and then contact us for tailored solution for your home or building.

Please remember it takes careful design, sizing, and selection of equipment to ensure you get a robust and reliable storage solution that will maximise your self-use of free solar electricity. Be wary of cheap batteries not designed for daily cycles of charging/ discharging with poor temperature control as this will lead to premature failure of your storage system.

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Get £350 Rebate on Your Powerwall Purchase

Tesla is offering a £350 rebate for Powerwalls installed and registered between August 11 and December 31, 2023.

There has never been a better time to reduce your dependence on the energy grid.

With Powerwall, you can store excess solar energy, ensure your home has a reliable power source 24/7, benefit from backup protection during outages and maximise utility/energy bill savings for peace of mind.