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Biomass Boiler Range

As early as 1996 the founders of Biotech developed a tailor-made heating boiler for the then little known energy source: the wooden pellet. The standards they place on energy technology have been set high since the very beginning:

  • space saving and simple to install regardless of the space available,
  • at the same time; simple to operate and fitted with intelligent control systems
  • combined with the highest levels of efficiency and sustainability.

Today, Biotech can look back at fifteen years of success.
They have made advances in technology brought about innovations such as the DCC – Dual Combustion Control ®. This unique combustion system ensures low emissions with simultaneously low consumption.
The DCC ® is now an essential component of every Biotech boiler.

ETA has specialized in heating boilers for wood. Fifteen employees (from a total of 165 employees) are dedicated to develop the technology for wood, including the electronics and control components. Emphasis is on safety and user comfort.
As in the automobile manufacturing process, selected suppliers produce all our components according to our construction plans. As a result, we can deploy the most adequate material for every part of the boiler.
The assembly of the boiler is done in-house. Therefore, all parts can be checked before being assembled. All ETA heating boilers have Lambda controlling.
The result is high quality in the upper section of today’s technology.

Ekopower is an innovative new company specialising in producing Danish designed wood pellet boilers. We have developed a new technology to burn wood pellets, creating a range of boilers with the highest performances amongst European manufacturers (up to 95.5%), and the highest classification thanks to their low emissions of CO and NO_ contaminating gases (class A according to standard EN303-5).

The innovative Ekoheat range, the result of several years of research, is designed to combine the highest performance in the use and maintenance of this type of device, with a purchase and installation cost that is much more accessible to the end user than any other of the options currently on the market.