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Biomass F.A.Q

Questions you may ask…

Why install a biomass system?

With 40-60% fuel cost savings in comparison to fossil fuels such as oil or LPG, biomass for commercial use and domestic use can also get Government Renewable Heat Incentives for 7-20 years which turns a new heating system into a profitable investment.

Will a biomass boiler really save me that much money?

Yes – If you are using oil or LPG as a current heating solution for your property, then we strongly suggest looking into biomass as a much cheaper and cleaner alternative. Compared to Oil and LPG, a biomass boiler can very well save you around 40% to 60% on your current heating bill. The final percentage will vary depending on the efficiency of your current boiler.

How accessible are the fuels I need to run a biomass boiler

We focus on pellet boilers as they provide the most efficient and reliable heating systems. Pellets are made from very pure waste wood that was originally being dumped in land fill sites. Companies such as Balcas of Northern Ireland supply one of Europe’s top quality pellets which we or other importers can supply. The Government has analysed the market and confirms that the UK has an immense capacity to produce clean Biomass which will help keep pellet prices low well into the future.

How much room will I need?

Depending on the size of your boiler and the make and model, the space needed can vary dramatically. All of this will be determined once an assessment of your property has been made, which will include your heating needs, insulation, heat-loss calculation, fuel use and storage needs to suit your particular property.

What are the average prices for a domestic biomass boiler?

There are many factors that are taken into account when sizing and pricing a new biomass system. Our range can run from a small well insulated house with a pellet stove and back boiler at £8,000 up to £150,000 for a 200kw twin boiler plant room installation with pellet silo for a business/factory/large country house.