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Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

The renewable heat incentive is the heating payment equivalent to the electricity producing Feed-in tariff. For every kWh (kilowatt hour) of heat you produce from a green renewable technology installed on your premises, you will be paid a rate; depending on what technology you have installed. In order to qualify for the R.H.I your installation needs to meet two very important criteria. The technology you install must be approved according to a list of MCS accredited systems, as well as the installer you choose to have your install done by. If your system is not installed and commissioned by an MCS accredited installer, you will not be eligible for the RHI.

What is the purpose of the scheme?

By providing a long-term financial incentive, the objective of the Domestic and Non-Domestic RHI is to significantly increase the proportion of heat generated from renewable sources.  By driving change in a heat sector currently dominated by fossil fuel technologies, the RHI can help the UK meet EU targets to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy security. In addition the Non-Domestic RHI has the wider potential of developing ‘green jobs’. Technologies supported include:

  • Ground and Air sourced heat pumps
  • Biomass boilers
  • Solar Thermal

The scheme since launched has proved to be very popular with 105,206 domestic and Non-domestic systems installed (May 2016). As a result of this success it has had significant reductions in Tariff levels except for Ground Sourced Heat Pumps (GSHP).

Please note the Domestic RHI only lasts for 7 years from installation while the commercial RHI runs for 20 years.

Our Energy Advisors can provide you with detailed financial appraisal spread sheets to show what returns on your investment you can expect as well as fuel savings. Althogh Oil prices are at an

Who is the scheme for?

The Non-Domestic RHI is open to the non-domestic sector including industrial, commercial, public sector and not-for-profit organisations with eligible installations, and to producers of bio-methane. In the context of the scheme, a non-domestic installation is a renewable heat unit that supplies large-scale industrial heating to small community heating projects.

This includes for example small businesses, hospitals and schools as well as district heating schemes such as where one boiler serves multiple homes.  All applications are subject to the detailed scheme rules.

Where there is more than one house connected to the same system then it is eligible for the ND-RHI.

You can find the latest amendments and updates to the Non-commercial by clicking the button below.


The domestic R.H.I was launched on the 9th April 2012. If you would like to know more, then please follow THIS LINK where you will be able to apply and get all the information you require.