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To add to the scams we talked about in the last Newsletter concerning “Optimised inverter replacements with 25% more power production” and “We will buy your existing installation for cash” there is now a inverter guarantee and maintenance scam.

It appears that someone is selling existing customer details from installations all over the country to “Cowboys” who offer to take responsibility for the maintenance and monitoring of your existing system in exchange for an annual payment.

Don’t do it!

  • You already monitor your system every time you read your meter
  • Good inverters will last 10-14 years
  • Manufacture’s offer good value inverter warrantee extensions if you want one
  • Your window cleaner can clean you panels with the right equipment
  • If you are concerned about you systems in any way then just ask us
  • If you system is out of its warrantee period and you suspect a problem then just ask us what to do.
  • We can provide very good value panel cleaning and/or a full electrical/performance inspection if required

We provide this service no matter who installed your system