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 Eco-Eye Smart PV with Energy Hive

An essential piece of equipment for anyone using photovoltaic/ micro generation installations. With sensors on both the generated and demand cables, Smart PV provides full display and monitoring capabilities; displaying power generated, power used and net power. The on- board traffic light system instantly shows if you have a surplus or are using power from the grid. Smart PV can log generated electricity as well as demand to a computer by way of the included data cable or  memory card at four second resolution.

Installing solar panels on your roof is becoming very popular and with the feed-in tariff can save you money as well as helping to save fossil fuels. Although the installation of solar panels just works and you don’t need to know anything about what is going on it is still good to see how much you are generating and even how much you are saving.

Eco-eye has solutions for simple monitoring and more complex logging and computer analysis.

Monitor Your Full System

Eco-eye Smart PV is a complete monitoring system for your solar installation and displays real- time information on the power being consumed as well as the power you are generating. It is easy to install – and does not require the use of a junction box (Henley block) – as is the case when using Eco-eye Elite or Mini. It offers computer connectivity if you wish to download data for further analysis.

With three sensors simply clipping on both the generated and demand cables, Smart PV shows

Using the on-board traffic light system, Smart PV shows you instantly when you have a surplus (or are using power from the grid). You can also set your own Daily Usage Target which is displayed as a graph on–screen and serves as a constant visual reminder of how much power you are using. Smart PV also stores daily usage readings in kW for 64 days so you can track your usage over this duration even if you don’t have access to a computer.

The USB real-time output allows you to send data via a cable to your computer for further analysis whilst Smart PV can also log generated and demand to a memory card at 4 second intervals. This information can then be downloaded to your computer and analysed as required.

The Energyhive hub will connect your Eco-eye SmartPV with the internet giving you remote, real-time access to your system.

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