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NIBE introducing a new, efficient tool that gives you quick and easy control over your property’s heat pump – wherever you are. A web interface over the Internet offers you an instant view of e.g the temperature and current status of the heat pump in your property. Provides the benefit of external monitoring for several properties at the same time. Clear, easy way of monitoring and controlling heating and water temperatures for maximum comfort. In the unlikely event of a system malfunction you receive an alarm directly in your mail, allowing you to respond in the fastest possible time. Simple installation with a “click” of an eEthernetcable. Provides logging of heat pump parameters presented in a user friendly history chart.Home-Temp

With NIBE Uplink and internet you get a quick overview and present status of the heat pump and the heating in your property. You get a clear and solid overview where you can monitor and control the heating and domestic hot water comfort. If your system is affected by an operational disturbance you receive an alert via e-mail that allows you to react quickly.

For NIBE F1145*, F1245*, F1155, F1255, F1345*, F370*, F470*, F750*, VVM310, VVM320, VVM500*, SMO20, SMO40

Included in the various services

Basic service

The free, basic version of NIBE Uplink gives you a quick overview and the current status of your installation. It also gives you access to one month of history, for example of the outdoor temperature, which is saved in the system. You will receive an e-mail message in the event of a malfunction. Other e-mail addresses can be given as alarm recipients. The installation’s time and date settings are taken care of automatically by NIBE Uplink.

Premium service – Change settings

The “Change settings” premium service enables you to control your heat pump from wherever you are. You can change temperatures, change hot water comfort mode, start holiday setting or make more advanced settings such as changing the heat curve. Otherwise, the same functions as the basic version.

Premium service – History

The “History” premium service allows you to see more historic information about your heating installation than the basic version. You can adjust and optimise your installation using the history. All data is available from when your installation was connected to NIBE Uplink. You can see several values and diagram curves simultaneously, for example curves for both the outdoor temperature and the supply temperature in your system. Otherwise, the same functions as the basic version.