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12kW Nibe GSHP - 10kW Solar PV

Today’s Installation Cost (GSHP) £20,100 + Ground Works
Old annual oil bill £2,100/yr
Expected electricity use for the GSHP £975/yr
Expected RHI income over 7 years £35,359
PV installation cost £17,515
20 year PV net profit £38,022
Property Type Derbyshire family House
Installation TypeSolar PV ground Mounted & 12kw Nibe GSHP
Location Appleby Magna
Installation Date Nov-14
Equipment SolarWorld Panels – SMA Inverters


As with many “Off Gas Grid” households, when the oil boiler packs up its time to think of something better and cheaper to run. If your house is reasonably well insulated then a Government subsidized (DRHI) Ground sourced heat pump (GSHP) and a solar PV system is the perfect solution. As we are one of the very few VIP Nibe installers also offering PV who understands how to successfully integrate the two technologies we got selected to design and install a 10kw PV system and GSHP in a field next to the house.

System Specification

The 3 x 50m slinky heat collector pipes were installed in the field first with connecting manhole and pipes taking ground heat back to the house. Then the PV rows were installed above and the Heat pump and tanks installed in a very tight cupboard in the house. The ultra-quiet Nibe HP produces space heating and domestic hot water all year round and during daylight hours the system can run on solar power for free!

Nibe F1145 12kw with 250L DHW tank, 200L buffer tank and low temperature Dimplex Smartrads with online monitoring and 7 year warrantee.

Solar PV installation is a 10kW Solarworld 250w poly panel system with ABB PVI 10.0kw inverter mounted on single leg one panel high rows with special feet buried in the ground.


The customer was over the moon with the quality of the kit and our installation work. Both we and the customer can monitor the HP on-line 24/7. The cost of the installation will be more than  covered by the Domestic RHI plus electricity running cost savings from the PV and the 20 year FIT subsidy for the solar system make this the most profitable “boiler replacement “ our customer has come across. All he needs now is an electric car!

2x50kw Solar Pv