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2 x 50kW Solar Pv - Nottingham


When Sandicliff Motors employed us to install two 50kW roof mounted PV-Installations to reduce their 7 day a week electricity bills; the F.I.T was higher (but so was the installation cost!! and a
longer 25 years.) With today’s low panel prices, the reduced F.I.T and 20 year subsidy still produce 12% ROCE and free electricity. The more you use the more you save. The Loughborough site has produced over 110,000 kW hours in the last 2 years which has dramatically off-set their high show-room operating costs substantially.

Expected Income over 20 yrs Inc R.H.I £157,024
Fuel Saving (20Yrs) 3% RPI £137,038.91
Property Type Car Dealership
Installation Type Solar PV Roof Mounted
Location Loughborough & Leicester
Installation Date 2012
Equipment SolarWorld 245kW Poly Panels & SMA Inverters
2x50kw Solar Pv