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200kW - Ground Mount

Today’s Installation Cost £202,000
Expected NET Income 30yrs £1,040,000
Property Type Farm
Installation Type Solar PV Ground Mounted
Location Newark
Installation Date 2014
Equipment Solar World 260 poly Panels – SMA Inverters, Schletter mountings


A Newark farmer sold a field to fund a ground mounted solar system to give him a low risk income stream for the next 40 years. He was feed up with low returns from arable farming and income being subject to the vagaries of the weather, pests and market prices. So having gone through a tender process with the help of consultants J H Walter we were chosen for our best quality German systems and excellent value for money.

Working with the local DNO Western Power a new transformer and connection was negotiated. This allowed the farm house, farm buildings, stables and two rented properties to all benefit from free solar electricity.

System Specification/Cost

The Solar PV installation is a 197kW Solarworld 250w Sunplus Poly panel system with SMA’s Inverters with on-line monitoring and upgraded pole mounted transformer. Even the mounting system was a German made Schletter system with pile driven legs making minimal Environmental impact on the land now and in the future.


The system has already exceeded its annual power generation target by 15% so it is well on its way to providing a 20 year high profit return index linked against inflation and then a further 20 years of export tariffs and saved energy on site. So the farmers pension plan is now sorted out along with a good legacy for his family.

200kW Ground Mount