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35kw Biotech Biomass Boiler


A Northampton dairy farmer built a new house next to his dairy and was desperate to heat both the house cheaply and his electricity heated dairy equipment. After a lot of careful site assessment an Austrian Biotech 35kW pellet boiler was chosen as the best solution. A new boiler room was built next to the dairy, and a heat main laid under the country lane to take heat to the house. The dairy required a complex solution of integrating the existing two electric high temperature milk palour and milk tank sterilization processes, with the 80 degree hot water output from the boiler. An instantaneous mains water heating 1000L AMX Buffer tank provides 85% of the hot water load with the final higher temperature (95 degrees) by the existing immersions. The result is a reliable, easy to use system with 50% savings in energy costs for the dairy, low cost house heating and a 20 year RHI Government Subsidy. To complete his renewable energy package, the farmer also installed a 30kW roof mounted PV system.

System Specification

Austrian 35kW Biotech Boiler – AMX 1000L Buffer Tank


The final result ended with a well functioning and practical solution to an expensive operation.

Today’s Installation Cost £22,943
Expected Income over 20 yrs Inc R.H.I £175,416
Fuel Saving (20Yrs) 3% RPI £68,077
Property Type Dairy Farm
Installation Type Biomass Boiler
Location Milton Keynes
Installation Date 2013
Equipment 35kW Biotech Boiler
35 Kw Biotech Boiler