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Hickling - 160kW Solar PV

Today’s Installation Cost (GSHP) £146,000
Expected NET Income over 30 years £925,871
Property Type Farm
Installation Type Solar PV Roof Mounted
Location Hickling, near Nottingham
Installation Date 2015
Equipment Solar World 260 poly Panels – SMA Inverters


A local farmer wanted to make use of his new south facing barn roof. Despite having had problems with an earlier 50kw ground mounted system as a result of an unreliable installer who had since gone bust he wanted to increase his mixed use farm diversification. So he turned to Carbon Legacy and took our advice to install an all-German made solar system with insurance backed outputs from Solar World the panel manufacturer.

The system will power his house, farm buildings, chicken sheds and summer use grain dryer and provide a healthy export power income for the 40 year life of the panels. Next year he will consider installing the latest Li-ion batteries to store surplus solar power during the day and then run the chicken ventilation fans at night for free to maximize his self-use of solar power.

System Specification/Cost

The Solar PV installation is a 160kW Solarworld 260w Sunplus Poly panel system with SMA’s latest STP 25000 TL Inverters with on-line monitoring and upgraded pole mounted transformer. Even the mounting system is Solar Worlds own stainless steel and aluminum mounting which with their roof design comes with an insurance backed warrantee for the replacement value of the whole system.


The system is expected to generate 146,000kwh/year and generate a very healthy 20% ROI over the first 30 years.

2x50kw Solar Pv