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Domestic-rhiAs promised the Government has started the process in Parliament of confirming funding for the Domestic RHI subsidies budget for new Renewable Heat installations until 2021 along with some great improvements but also some new restrictions.

These changes will be approved by June this year or before and include the following:

  • Increased Ground sourced heat pump tariff – 19.88p/kwh
  • 35% increase in Air sourced heat pump tariff – 10.18p/kwh
  • 38% increase in Biomass tariff – 6.44p/kwh
  • Solar Hot water tariff remains – 20.06p/kwh
  • Electricity meters to be fitted with every new heat pump
  • Caps on the volume of RHI subsidy available for larger homes
  • Cap for Ground source set at 30,000kwh/year
  • Cap for Air source set at 20,000kwh/year
  • Cap for Biomass set at 25,000kwh/year
  • Payments inflated at CPI for the 7 years of payment
  • Deemed payments based on your home EPC prediction of energy consumption

In practice if you want to install a new Renewable Heating system you can expect to be paid a very generous subsidy over the next seven years which in the case of a GSHP you are likely to get more than the cost of your installation back never mind cheap running costs for ever.

But if you live in a larger property you will only get paid up to the relevant Cap of RHI payments even if your home is predicted to use more.

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