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New Powerwall 2  – 13.2kwh

Powerwall 1 –  6.5kwh installed out side

Tesla has moved the goal posts with their latest Powerwall 2 13.2kwh Li-ion battery pack with built in inverter. It can be fitted to homes/small businesses with existing solar panels or with new solar installations to allow the greatest savings from maximising self-use of free solar generation and protection against ever rising electricity prices.

  • Double the power capacity of the Powerwall 1 in the same sized box
  • Floor or wall mounted, indoor or outdoor installation
  • AC connected for simple installation in or out doors
  • 24/7 on-line monitoring
  • Lowest cost/kwh compared to all leading brands
  • Optional “Backup” facility for power cut protection
  • 7kw peak power and 5kw continuous
  • Expandable up to 9 units (119kwh)
  • Single phase or 3 phase with 3 x batteries
  • Time of use load shifting
  • Programmable night time charging (buy power when its cheap)
  • Robust 10 year warrantee
  • Suitable for use in the home, farms and small businesses

Please be aware there is already miss-selling going on with battery storage. It will pay you to have a quality installation that has been properly sized to your needs with a robust guarantee.

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