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EPC Assessment

Energy performance certificates are essential for all Solar PV installs to allow for the eligibility of the full FIT rate. If you purchased your home after 2007, you most probably already have one of these certificates. The (EPC) rates your home or business for the energy efficiency on a scale from A – G. It also provides valuable information on how to improve the energy efficiency, and what level you would attain if you put the suggested measure in place. These measures can include anything from replacing your lights with L.E.D light-bulbs and loft insulation, right the way through to cavity wall insulation and heat recovery systems. The cost of an EPC can range from £50 – £100 (domestic), but this will be included if you choose to have an install done by Carbon Legacy.

Under the rules started in January 2016 you must have an EPC completed before you install your PV system. This in practice means your property must be already capable of achieving a D. If it is not then you will not be eligible for the FIT. If you live in an older poorly insulated property then please take the free advice from one of our Energy Assessors to see if you can carry out improvements in insulation/light bulbs/draft proofing to get a D rating. When you have been given a D rating or above; only then can you apply to receive the full FIT rate. You can find a full list of FIT rates by visiting our “Feed in Tariff” page.

EPC Page 1

Page 1 EPC

This part of the EPC visually represents what your current energy needs are in your property and what your average costs are involved with fulfilling these demands. You will also be shown what the energy efficiency is of your property. The higher the rating is, the lower your fuel bills are likely to be. The last section on this page will give the top actions you can take to increase your rating dramatically.


EPC Page 1

Page 2 EPC

This section of your EPC explains what measures your property currently has in place and what energy efficiency each measure is given in a star rating format.

EPC Page 1

Page 3 EPC

This page shows the list of recommendations and what rating you would receive if you have one or all of them installed. The more recommendations a property fulfills, the higher the rating, and less an impact on the environment your property will have.