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With nearly 900,000 domestic and commercial solar installations in the UK, interest in maximizing self-use of our own free solar electricity is growing rapidly. The market and technologies are growing at an exponential rate originally driven by Germany with over 40,000 domestic systems installed and large scale 2-80 MWH commercial systems being installed across the World. Energy companies have realised that energy and Grid management need storage once Renewable Solar and wind power make up a large part of electricity generation to cope with the variable rates of generation and day/night time peak loads. Even our cars are turning to stored electricity with 100,000 all electric vehicles in the UK alone.

This is all good news for the rest of us with the likes of Tesla, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Bosch, BYD and many more world industrial giants producing many new types of long life Li-ion batteries.

So we have revised our range to fit with both existing and new solar PV systems matched to the latest battery management and charger equipment from Tesla, Solar Edge, Sonnen and SMA of Germany. Follow the links on this page to read more about Hybrid PV inverters, bolt on Battery management/charger systems and prices for typical systems.

Please remember it takes careful design, sizing and selection of equipment to ensure you get a robust and reliable storage solution that will maximise your self-use of free solar electricity. Be wary of cheap batteries not designed for daily cycles of charging/ deep discharging with poor BMS settings as this will lead to premature failure of your storage system. Please ask for our free guidance on Battery systems.

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