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Is My Property Suitable

No two properties are the same

The good thing about Solar PV in the UK; is the majority of homes in England are suitable candidates to have a solar pv system installed. Ideally your property should have a large, south-facing and pitched roof of an angle between 30º – 45º. But even if your roof doesn’t fit those criteria exactly; with a well designed system and high quality equipment, you will receive excellent results.

Which way does your roof face?

The direction your home faces will determine how much sunlight it gets throughout the day. The closer this is to south the better, so panels mounted on a roof facing south, south west or south east will perform the best. But many people are surprised to learn that panels facing east or west only lose about 15% of the output they’d achieve if they faced due south.

What angle is your roof?

The best angle for the panels to be positioned is between 30º and 45º. However, we can mount panels at any angle from 15º to 50º. Outside that range, the panels would start to lose performance.

How much roof space do you have?

You’ll need a clear space of up to 24 square metres – about the size of a parking space. The area should be free from shading from trees, chimneys or other buildings for most of the day.If you don’t have a lot of suitable roof space, one option could be to use fewer, but more efficient, panels. Again, this is something we can advise you about over the phone.

Is your roof structurally sound?

An individual panel isn’t heavy, but a whole solar array, plus the mounting frames that attach the panels to your roof, can weigh about 275kg for an average-sized system. It’s extremely rare that we come across a roof that’s unable to support this extra load, but this is one of the things we’ll check during our site survey.

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