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Solar PV Equipment

The vision of SolarWorld is to build a reliable, environmentally friendly and safe energy supply worldwide.

Solar energy is the key to protecting our resources and our climate, thereby decreasing our dependence on fossil resources and making a contribution to avoiding military conflicts.

We are working on making solar power generation competitive in all markets as quickly as possible and on enabling all people to make decentralized use of solar energy thus providing all people with the opportunity of sustainable development.

The advantages of Solar Power

  • No fuel to ship in or on which to become dependent
  • No noise
  • No pollution
  • No carbon emissions
  • Long life – SolarWorld’s solar modules are guaranteed for 20 years or more and can last much longer
  • Easy to maintain – no oil changes or overhauls

Modular – no need to oversize the generator.

Solarworld – 260 – 270 Poly SunModule Plus

The 260 and 270 poly is probably our most popular solar panels due to their’ output size and competitive price. Unlike conventional solar panels, the waffers used to make this solar panel have an equal blue tone, without that condensed variation of many elements thrown together. Solar World may stop producing poly panels over the next year and move all their panels to Mono production with PERC technology.

Solarworld – 250– 285 Mono-Black SunModule Plus

The 250 – 285 Mono-Black panels are a sleek, well finished panel with performances to match. As with all mono-black panels, the installed black backing sheet which helps in the design to get a complete black look, does have a tiny impact on the overall performance of the panel. This is currently our most popular panel especially in the 285w size as 14 panels will deliver a 4kWp system. However many customers are now taking advantage of the extended FIT band of 0-10kw and putting larger systems on their roofs as space and Power company approval will allow.

Solarworld – 265 Poly SunProtect

The SunProtect ranges of panels have added innovative protective glass sheeting on the back of the panel. This makes the panel more robust for climate differentiation. Although an extra backing of glass is added, the panels still weigh the same as the SunModule Plus panels. Due to the extra protective glass on the Protect range, they have a 30 year linear performance guarantee, with a mere 0.35% degradation p.a and a 10 year product warranty.

SolarWorld – 250-290 Mono Black SunProtect

The Mono Black SunProtect panel is by far the most stunning of all the Solarworld panels with efficiency levels to match. The unique design of removing the rear white backing sheet, allows for an almost see-through look of the panel. The Cell wafers are now placed between two sheets of Protect glass panes and have the advanced PERC technology to achieve the highest outputs.

SolarWorld Bifacial 285w

The new SunProtect Bifacial panel is by far the most advanced of all the Solarworld panels. It has the ability to deliver between 10-25% more power with the use of the double sided solar cells that can convert light to electricity on its back side as well as the front. The output will vary depending on which setting it is in. So as the reflectiveness of the roof surface or ground surface will allow more reflected light to reach the back of the panel then the output rises. This in effects means you can have the output of a 370w panel from a Bifacial panel priced at a 285w panel. In the right situation this Bifacial panel will out perform all other panels on the market and even higher outputs are promised this year with a 300w panel.

SunPower – 327 Mono

Founded more than a quarter of a century ago, SunPower has set and broken world records from the start. Without SunPower, the story of solar could not be written. The fact is, we’ve been responsible for major industry milestones since our incorporation in 1985, and we challenge conventional thinking. Delivering the highest-efficiency solar cells and solar panels, and the most advanced solar energy systems, SunPower is The World’s Standard for Solar.

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