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solarworld-2017-panelsSolar World, who manufactures almost all of the panels we have installed over the last 8 years, has introduced new panel types and an amazing 20 year product warrantee! They confidence is based on their 40 years’ panel production experience and measured results and not a thinly written 10/12 year “Insurance backed warrantee” that others may offer.

Then to cap their existing 25 year linear performance warrantee they now provide a 30 year Performance warrantee on their “Protect” Glass/glass panels capable of withstanding the world’s harshest environments from the Artic to the Sahara dessert.

Their Glass/glass new panel also comes as a 280w Bison panel which will catch reflected light on to the back of the cell. This in the right conditions will allow up to 30% more power generation. Reflective ground/roof surfaces give the best results such as light coloured flat roofs with frame mounted panels.