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If you’re in the market to buy, or merely want friendly, open and honest advice to help you familiarize yourself with renewable technologies, then you’re in the right place.  Simply put;, we truly care about our customers & do make a concerted effort to walk with them on their journey to changing the way they use their energy and their lives.


  • All our equipment is personally tested and monitored on site
  • We have working examples of all technologies we install
  • We only install the highest quality German, Austrian and American equipment
  • After-sale service is important to us
  • Every install is Annually Monitored

July 2014

Barker promises to put ‘rocket-boosters’ under commercial-scale solar

Greg Barker, the minister for climate change, has promised to put “rocket-boosters” under the commercial and industrial solar sectors

May 2014

Domestic RHI Uptake

The Department of Energy and Climate Change has published deployment figures for the first 21 days of the domestic

Please look through our website to learn more; and when you are ready, Give us a call today to arrange your free advice visit from one of our Green Energy Advisors in the comfort of your own home. Alternatively, we would be delighted to have you pop into our office where we will give you the advice you need to first reduce your energy requirements through cost effective insulation improvements, then secondly choosing the right solution or mix of technologies that will best suit your needs. We can also explain the generous Government Subsidies available for both domestic and commercial installations that are providing many customers with up to 20 years of inflation linked income that now makes Renewable energy a sound financial investment.

 “The Bitterness Of Poor Quality Is Remembered Long After The Sweetness Of  Low Price Has Faded From Memory”